Camp Kingdom Kids Project

It’s summer time again! That means the kids are out of school looking for new and fun ways to learn and occupy at least a portion of their summer holiday. For a week we send them to camp where they will experience fun activities, amazing worship, intentional discipleship, and more!
Our goals include:

  • Empowering parent connections
  • Impacting student learning
  • Learning their story

A Fresh Approach to Fundraising

Most people have heard of the movie “Pay It Forward”. In this case an individual looks for someone that has a need. He helps that person, not to receive a reward personally from the person that he helps, but to make the person promise that they will pass on the gift in the future to someone they meet in need. In other words, “Pay It Forward”.

Our Goal

Our initial goal for this project is to raise $5000.00 on behalf of Kingdom Covenant Ministries in order to pay for kids wanting to go to summer camp next year in 2020. I believe that we will surpass this goal with God’s help and your pledges.

Camp Kingdom Kids Project

"I believe that we will surpass this goal with God’s help and your pledges."


For more information email us at campforkingdomkids@gmail.com

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How to make a pledge

Our platform combines the two ideas. Basically, you receive pledges initially from your personal referrals, but if you share part of your pledges to those that helped you into the program, you can receive pledges from successive people who are sharing to you for helping them. Our program is NOT crowdfunding or MLM but it uses the principles of social media networking to expand your exposure to larger numbers of potential individuals who may share to your project. Get more information about our program and please register using the link below:

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